Eyl 2 nd, 2016

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select a vendor to meet the needs of
cheap jerseys top the nurses," she said. "The vendor has many different styles and is going to provide discounts for our nurses in the initial onset, and we as an organization will provide some financial support up front." Robel said the financial support would help the nurses with the first set of uniforms they purchase, for example, a week’s worth. For additional purchases, they still would have the discounts from the vendor, she added. She said some nurses still will wear dresses, and those types of uniforms will be available in pewter. Robel said that the nurses, for the most part, have reacted positively to the change, though she admitted, "Not everyone is happy." "Change is
cheap nfl jerseys china difficult overall," she said. "This has been received very positively, because
wholesale jerseys china it’s the right thing for our patients. That’s why nurses go into nursing for the patients." Following the change, administrators will look at the policies for other employees. "The overall

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