Eyl 2 nd, 2016

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First lawsuit in state lottery DES MOINES, Iowa It was one
cheap jerseys of those feel good moments that lotteries love to promote when "Lucky Larry" Dawson smiled
cheap jerseys top as he claimed a $9 million jackpot, surrounded by kids and grandkids. But five years later, the Iowa man could become a key player in a barrage of litigation that threatens to cost state lotteries tens of millions of dollars in damages in an insider jackpot rigging scandal. A Des Moines law firm filed a lawsuit Wednesday on Dawson’s behalf seeking to declare that his Hot Lotto jackpot in May 2011 should have been nearly three times as big, had
wholesale jerseys china the previous one not been fixed. It’s the first in what could be several lawsuits filed by players who claim they were ripped off in games allegedly rigged over several years by Eddie Tipton, former security director of the Multi State Lottery Association. Tipton has been convicted of rigging a $16.5 million jackpot in December 2010 by tampering with the random number generator that draws the Hot Lotto winning numbers

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