Eyl 2 nd, 2016

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Drug smugglers adjust methods Customs and Border Protection. "It’s only bounded by your imagination." Two cases of highly imaginative smuggling surfaced in South Florida recently. Last month the Coast Guard intercepted a semi submersible submarine holding 15,000 pounds of cocaine. And last weekend, 13 pounds of
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cheap jerseys top found tucked inside beans and nuts at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. "There’s no limit to the ways it can be done," said Bruce Grant, former director of the Governor’s Office of Drug Control. Semi submersible smuggling subs like the one snared off the coast of Honduras the first detected in the Caribbean have been popular for bulk smuggling off the Pacific coast in recent years. "This definitely shows that the drug traffickers are using new tactics," said Lt. Cmdr. Peter Niles, skipper of one of the Coast Guard cutters that caught the sub. Smaller amounts of contraband can appear in the
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